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Videos & Streaming Media: Technical Tips

Creating Clips in Specific Streaming Video Databases

After accessing these databases from Auraria Library's website, create an account. The registration process is simple and each database requires a user to be logged in to create clips.

Alexander Street (Includes Academic Video Online (AVON), Counseling & Therapy in Video, Filmmakers Library, Opera in Video,  and Theatre in Video.)

     Creating Clips

  • Click on Clips at the top of the screen.
  • Choose start and end times by dragging the green start box and red end box to the desired points

Films on Demand (FOD)

     Creating Clips

  • All Films on Demand videos have pre-made segments in a list on the left side of the opening page.
  • At the bottom of the pre-made segment list, click on Create Custom Segment
  • Fill in start and end time for the clip you're creating

     Using Captioning

     To set captioning as the default:

  • Sign into your user account.
  • Click User Options in the upper right.
  • In the User Options menu, click My User Preferences.
  • Under Closed Captioning, select the Show by Default checkbox.

     Using Interactive Transcripts

  • Click on the Transcript tab to the right of the video player to view the interactive transcript.
  • Jump to a different section of the video by clicking on a word within the transcript; the video will skip to that point.
  • Jump back or ahead using the status bar on top of the transcript module, or within the player itself. Or, use the Search bar to locate a specific part.

     Saving the URL to a Films on Demand Video

  • Don't use the web page URL at the top of the page - that URL is not permanent, and may change.  
  • Use the Title or Segment URL located beneath the opening screen of a video.

Kanopy (Note: Though Kanopy's a great collection, getting to the clip-making process is not intuitive. It's not difficult, just not obvious!)

     Creating Clips

  • In the More menu under the video screen, choose Create Clip/Playlist
  • A Create Playlist box will appear. Name the Playlist and choose Create
  • Choose Edit Playlist
  • Choose Edit
  • You will now be able to name and describe your clip and choose a start and end time for the clip

Showing Streaming Videos in Class on Auraria Campus

Instructors, you need a great Internet connection to reliably stream videos in Auraria campus classrooms.

To ensure you have a good connection when using an AHEC-supported classroom...

  • Plug your laptop into an Ethernet connection rather than connecting over Wi-Fi.
  • If possible, test the wireless in any classroom before holding class.
  • Problems? Your campus IT may be able to help.
    • CU Denver: IT Services Help Desk Phone: 303-724-4357
    • MSU Denver IT Services Help Desk Phone Number: 303-352-7548.
    • CCD: IT Services Help Desk Phone: 303-352-3030.