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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Studies (LGBTQ): Home

LGBTQ+ Research

This subject guide will lead you to a variety of learning materials in the area of LGBTQ studies at the Auraria Library. You will learn to find specialized books and articles. You will also receive guidance on finding Web sites.

In the Library, most books on LGBTQ topics are kept in the HQ area on the second floor (See the Auraria Map link below). Keep in mind, though, that material about LGBTQ life, culture, issues, and people may be located nearly anywhere in the library --musicians in the music section, writers in the literature section, or mathematicians in the mathematics sections.

Also remember that material about LGBTQ+ issues may be written from many standpoints. As with information on any subject, you have to consider the point of view of the author and how that affects the value you will place on the information.

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LGBTQ Topics

Try some keyword searches that combine the words "gay," "lesbian," "queer," etc. with other topics that interest you. For instance, you might try setting the catalog's menu to Keyword, and Searching for lesbian authors, gay families, queer culture, and so on.

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