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Women & Gender Studies: Home

A guide to women's studies resources at the Auraria Library and on the Internet.

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Auraria Library has a wide variety of material about women and gender studies. This guide is intended as an introduction to materials that might be called women-centered or feminist, which are kept in a particular location, usually under a call number beginning with "HQ."

Be sure, also, to be aware of the date of your information.  The date of statistical information is always important; in addition, laws change, attitudes change, new issues become important.  Feminist style and rhetoric have changed.  To understand older feminist material, even older second-wave material, you must be aware of its historical and cultural background.

Keep in mind that material about women may be located nearly anywhere in the library -- women musicians in the music section, women writers in the literature section, women mathematicians in the mathematics sections. Also remember that material by or about women may be written from many standpoints; it may be feminist or liberal or conservative or radical. As with information on any subject, you have to consider the point of view of the author and how that affects the value you will place on the information.