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Defined as "the study of human social behavior," sociology centers on the study of origins, development, organization, and institutions of human society.

While a great deal of material about sociology is kept in the sociology area of Auraria Library (Library of Congress Classification System call letters HM-HX), students of sociology may also need to consult books, journals, and other media in other fields of study as well. These fields might include, but may not be limited to, anthropology and history (for origins and development of institutions), medicine, business, political science and government (for patterns of group organization or studies of institutions).


Information in libraries, including Auraria Library, is divided in two ways, by type and by discipline. Reference books, circulating books, journals and magazines, media, and government documents are types of material; each type has a separate department in the library. The second kind of division, by discipline or subject, is indicated by call number. The main call numbers for sociology and social work follow:

  • H Social science (General)
  • HA Statistics
  • HM Sociology
  • HN Social history
  • HQ The family. Marriage. Woman
  • HT Communities. Cities. Races
  • HV Social pathology. Social public
  • HX Socialism. Communism. Anarchism

To find library material on any topic, you need to know the type of material and the call number.

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