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This guide highlights useful anthroplogy and archaeology research materials.

What's in this Guide

Each tabbed page in this guide highlights one of the diverse, though often interrelated, areas in the study of Anthropology and Archaeology and features recommendations for article databases, representative books titles, useful websites, and notable journals in the field.

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Find full-text ebooks, as well as records representing physical books, by searching by title, author or keywords describing your topic using:

​Many of the Library's newest book resources are no longer in physical format, but instead you'll frequently find that eBooks,  are your best options. The guide below shows its simple to pinpoint ebooks.

Find reviews and recommendations for anthropological materials using ARD.

Still, browsing the Library's physical book collection can be an interesting way to uncover topics of interest. Books are arranged by "call numbers" based on the Library of Congress classification system. Each call number starts with a letter or letters, and represents a subject area. Some places to browse include:

  • BL Mythology
  • CC Archaeology
  • E51-99 History-American Indians
  • F1200-3999 Latin/South America History
  • GN Anthropology (General)
  • GR Folklore, Manners and Customs
  • GT, TT Clothing and Dress; Costume History
  • HM Sociology & Sociological Theory
  • HT Communities, Classes and Races
  • Linguistics

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