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Books & eBooks: Textbooks

This guide will help you find a specific book or books about a topic.

Find Your Textbook’s Title!

Here is how you can find out what textbooks you need for you class.

  1. Click on textbooks on the top left hand side of the page.
  2. Click “Purchase” then click “Purchase your text books now”.
  3. Choose your school.
  4. Pick the department and course number.
  5. Choose the section number or professor for your class, this will add the course to schedule.
  6. Click “Find Books”.
  7. You should see the title and ISBN number of your books.

For additional help contact Tivoli Station Directly: 303-556-4286.

Does the Library Have Your Textbook?

We understand textbooks are expensive! The Library does not have every textbook, but here’s how you can check to see what we do have.

Option 1:

  • On the library homepage, click “Course Reserves” which is the second link down under “Use the Library”. Then click “Search Course Reserves”.
  • You can also search by your instructor’s last name. 
  • If you see your class listed, select it. Click through the pages to get to the book’s information. Give the book’s call number and your campus ID to someone at the Ask Us desk.
  • You can use the book in the library for 2 hours at a time.

Course Reserves Link on Auraria Library's Website



Option 2:

  • Click on “Skyline Catalog” which is also under quick links on the left-hand side of the library’s homepage.
  • Type the title of your book into the search box and hit search to see what we have.
  • We might have an older edition of the book—check with your professor to see if that would work. 
  • You can also search for an ISBN by selecting the “Numbers” tab and typing in the ISBN.

Image Screen shot of Skyline Catalog








The library does not have every textbook. If you didn’t find it on Reserve or in Skyline, you’ll need to rent or purchase a copy. The campus bookstore is called Tivoli Station, and it’s located in the Tivoli Student Union. You can also rent or buy from online bookstores once you know the name of your textbook.