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Books & eBooks: Textbooks

This guide will help you find a specific book or books about a topic.

Textbooks at Auraria Library

Auraria Library does not have every textbook. Some instructors place textbooks on reserve (see below for instructions to find these) and occasionally, but rarely, Auraria Library purchases textbooks. If you don't find your textbooks on Reserve or at the Library, you can borrow the book through Prospector or Interlibrary Loan, as well as rent or purchase the textbook through Tivoli Station, the campus bookstore, or an online bookstore. 

To find the title of your textbooks, look at your course's syllabus, the course readings in your online management system (Canvas or D2L), or search Tivoli Station's course textbooks. 

We recommend you talk with your instructor or attend class BEFORE purchasing your textbooks whenever possible.

Find Your Textbooks at Tivoli Bookstore

  1. On the Tivoli Station main webpage, click on your school's "Visit our store" link.
  2. Use the "Course Materials and Textbooks" dropdown menu to select "Find Course Materials and Textbooks"  
  3. Make sure your school is named above the "Select Your Courses" menu. 
  4. Using the dropdown menus, select the term, department(s), course(s), and section(s) you are enrolled in.
  5. Then click the "Retrieve Materials" button.
  6. Once your materials appear, be sure to look at which ones are “required” and which ones say “Go to class first.” Your instructor might tell you a book is optional.
  7. To purchase or rent the book, use the "Select Format" drop down menu for each book.

For additional help contact Tivoli Station Directly: 303-556-4286.

Does the Library Have Your Textbook?

Start My Research Search


  • Enter the title of a book in the search box and click "Search."
    • You can also search for a book by ISBN, call number, or author.
  • On the results page, use the “Content Type” option and select “Book/eBook.” 
    • This will narrow your results to print books and eBooks you can read online. 
  • Browse the list of results to determine if we have the book - check for the full title, author, and publication date.
    • We might have an older edition of the book—check with your professor to see if that would work. 

Course Reserves Search

  • On Auraria Library's homepage, click on “Course Reserves,” the second link under “Use the Library”.
  • Then click “Search Course Reserves”.
  • Search by your instructor’s last name OR click on the "Course" tab to search by Course name and number.
  • If your instructor or course is listed, click on it. Then click on the course if you searched by instructor name.
  • Note the name of the book and its call number.
  • To check out the material, visit the Ask Us Desk at Auraria Library and give them the call number and your campus ID.
  • You can use the material in the library for 2 hours at a time, although some materials may be designated for 4 hours, 1-day, or 3-day checkout.

Course Reserves Link on Auraria Library's Website

Borrow From Other Libraries

If Auraria Library does not have a textbook, you can see if you can borrow it from other libraries.