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Library Terminology: G-I

Discover the truth that lies behind the most Arcane Library vocabulary--- stranger than fiction!

Govt Pub through IP Address


Government Publication: A government publication is an official document issued by a government agency such as a city, county, state, or federal body. Government publications contain information covering a wide variety of subjects.  


Hits: Results of a computer search or number of "pages" found.

Hold: To reserve a book that has been checked out by another user. When the book is returned it will be put on the "hold" shelf at the Auraria Library Ask Us Desk. You will be notified when the material becomes available.

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language. A computer language behind all Web documents containing the text, images and links to other documents (such as sound, animation or movies). Web browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox are programmed to interpret HTML for display. You may view the HTML code in many browsers by selecting "View Page Source" from the pull-down menu.


Index: A list, in alphabetical or numerical order, of the topics, names, geographic places or authors that are treated or mentioned in a publication or group of publications; also contains references to the pages where the topics are discussed. Author, subject and title indexes are common; the type of index depends on the type of material covered in the publication. An index might be for a book, an encyclopedia, a group of periodicals, newspapers, government documents, or other items. Also, a search site that builds a database by indexing individual words from web pages to allow for keyword searching. Often larger and more comprehensive than catalog or directory sites.

Interlibrary Loan: (ILL) Interlibrary loan is a library service allowing you to request books and journal articles not owned by Auraria Library. You must create an account first before requesting material.

IP Address: (Internet Protocol Number or Address) a unique numeric label assigned to every device on a computer network connected to the internet.

G is for Google

How it all began...

"...Google...was born in 1998 at Stanford University in California, where Brin and Page were students in computer science. Initially it received federal funding, notably from the National Science Foundation and the Digital Library Initiative.  This is too often forgotten; it was only later, when the business became profitable, that it centered its development on profits, with the support of venture capital."

Source: Jeanneney, Jean-Noel. Google & the Myth of Universal Knowledge. Chicago & London: Univ of Chicago Press, 2007.  (pg. 27)  personal computer