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Chicana/o & Latinx Studies


This is a sample of resources available in Auraria Library and on the Internet for doing research on Mexican Americans, Chicanos, Hispanics, or Latinos.

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Chicana/Chicano and Latina/Latino are not synonymous terms. A Latino is a person of Latin American ancestry living in the U.S. Latin America includes Mexico, Central America and South America. Generally speaking, a Chicano is a person of Mexican-American heritage, but individuals from this subculture may use other terms to describe themselves, such as Mexican-Americans, Mexicanos, etc. Therefore all Chicanos might be described as Latino, but not all Latinos can be described as Chicano.

Normally a book will not provide the most up-to-minute information on a subject, but it can be very useful when you want considerable background information on your topic. For terms to use in a word search, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings. For instance the Library of Congress Subject Headings would be:

  • Mexican Americans
  • Hispanic Americans
  • Latino American USE Hispanic Americans
  • Chicano USE Mexican Americans


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