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"The past is never dead. It's not even past." --William Faulkner

History Research   Alexander the Great History

Use this guide for an overview of materials that support history research, including books, videos, articles, and Web resources.  See the Library's Primary Resources Guide for a deep dive into finding primary sources.

Though history may be found in-house and online with other "history" items, remember that marvelous historical information may appear anywhere!  The biography of a long gone musician is...history!  An article written in 1932 on any topic is ....history!  And so on.

As you read, remember that history, like all information, may be written from any number of standpoints and may reflect the time, a political attitude, a societal norm, or other influences. As with all information, consider the author's point of view of the author and how that affects the value you will place on the information.

Browsing the Library

A huge amount of historic information is available through Auraria Library online, 24/7, in the form of ebooks, online articles, streaming video and audio, and images.  But gems still exist within the Library.  The Library's circulating book collection is on the second floor, as are the older journals in bound and microfilm format.  Below are the "call number" areas, which begin with letters, where historical material is typically found.  As mentioned earlier, however: history is everywhere!  There is also a small non-circulating collection of reference books on the Library's first floor.  

  • C Includes Archeology, Genealogy & Biography
  • D World History
  • E History of America & United States 
  • F Local History of the US & History of Canada & Latin America 
  • KFC Colorado Law

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