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Data Management: Data Storage

Resources for managing your data

What is data storage?

Data storage refers to how and where the data is stored. It is important to consider the size of your data set when considering where to store it, as well as how much memory your computer has. Data can be stored on a hard drive or through a cloud device. When deciding how to store your data, also consider the security of your data.

Save data in a minimum of three geographically dispersed places. Ideally, one should be the cloud.

Places to store data...

  • the cloud
  • external hard drive
  • institutional server
  • repositories
  • work computer

Cloud Storage

Primarily used for active data (when you're still doing analysis, collection, generation...).

Big Data Resources

Data Repositories

A repository is a space within which an item(s) are stored.  A data repository is a space where data is stored for long-term preservation and access.