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EndNote: Collect References

Importing from Databases

Exporting references from a database is either a one step or a multiple step process. All databases are slightly different in terms of the procedure. In most databases you will need to ...

  • Select, save, or add to a folder the items you want to export. 
  • Look for an export link. This may be on the folder page. Use the export link to export items directly to EndNote.


  • If there is not an option to export to EndNote you will likely have to download an RIS file to your computer and import it into EndNote using the Collect and Import References tabs. See the Download and Import box to the right for an example.

Manual Entry

You can also input the reference manually within EndNote Basic.  Slightly labor intensive, but if there are only one or two citations it does not take long. Under the Collect tab, select New Reference. Then select the type of reference you are entering.

Capture Reference Bookmark

Capture Reference is a browser bookmark.  You need to manually create the bookmark using the directions at EndNote's help guide titled EndNote Capture Reference Tool.

Once the Capture Reference Tool bookmark is installed you can click the Capture Reference button in your browser's bookmark toolbar and the Capture Reference window seen here will open. Edit the information as necessary then scroll down to the bottom and select the group. Then click Save to

EndNote Capture New Reference

Downloading and Importing RIS Files

When a database does not provide EndNote Basic or RefMan direct export you will usually need to download the RIS file and then import the RIS file to EndNote Basic. This procedure is not difficult, it takes a couple of times to learn and then it will be as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

Your computer cannot open the RIS files, it's only readable by citation management software - do not try to open it!

This is the procedure for ProQuest databases (PsycInfo, Avery Index, ERIC...) and others. For more examples, see the EndNote Handout on the homepage of this guide

Steps for exporting references from ProQuest and importing into EndNote Basic

  1. Start in the ProQuest database.
  2. Run your search in the database.
  3. Select items to export by clicking on the small box beside an item(s).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click RIS.
  6. Now go to EndNote Basic.
  7. Go to the Collect Tab.
  8. Select Import References.
  9. Choose file = Find the RIS file in your downloads folder.
  10. Import option = ProQuest.
  11. To = Select appropriate group.
  12. Click import!

EndNote Import References