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EndNote: Edit, Organize, & Share

Edit References in EndNote Basic

Every reference in your library can be edited.  This is useful if you need to make corrections or add information such as project names or course numbers. Click on a reference's title and then click on any of the bibliographic fields that you would like to edit. Additionally, click on Show Empty Fields to view fields that don't currently have any content in them; you can edit these as well.

One of the empty fields is called Research Notes. This is a great place to add notes about how and when to use the reference or add an annotation. The Research Notes field is exported with your bibliography when you select of the bibliographic style that includes the words annotated (e.g. APA 6th Annotated).

References may contain incorrect data from the database - it is important to make the corrections in your EndNote account.

EndNote Edit Reference

Organize & Share

Under the Organize tab select Manage My Groups to create, share, rename, or delete groups (similar to folders on a computer).

  • Create groups based on project, class, and/or topic. 
    • We recommend creating a group(s) BEFORE importing references into EndNote. This will make it easier to sort references as they are imported.
  • Share groups with project or research partners.
    • As long as someone has an EndNote account you can give them read or read-write access to a collection or group.  A colleague with read-write access can upload and edit references in that specific group.

Under the Organize tab select Other's Groups to view groups others (perhaps project or research partners) have shared with you.