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Bibliotherapy Books for Children and Young Adults: Divorces, Separation, & Stepfamilies

This guide details resources for bibliotherapy, especially for use in SPSY 6350 - School-Based Interventions: Children, Youth and Families and SPSY 6400 - School-Based Interventions: Groups, Classrooms and Systems.

Additional Books

Fred Stays With Me

Summary:  A child describes how she lives sometimes with her mother and sometimes with her father, but her dog is her constant companion.

We're Having a Tuesday

Summary:  "...the story of how one little girl is reminded that no matter where she is, the love from both of her parents is tucked safely inside of her own heart."

Stranded in Boringsville

Summary:  Following her parents separation, twelve-year-old Rain moves with her mother to the country, where she befriends the unpopular boy who lives next door and also seeks a way to cope with her feelings toward her father and his new girlfriend.

Step by Wicked Step

Summary:  Five schoolmates share the stories of their parents' estrangements, divorces, and remarriages and the effects these events have had on their lives.

Forever Amber Brown

Summary:  Amber's life has changed dramatically: her parents are divorced, her father lives in France, her best friend has moved to another state, and now her mother must decide whether to remarry.