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Marketing 4200 : International Marketing: Advertising Rates

Course guide for MKTG 4200 (University of Colorado Denver).

Advertising Sources & Rates -SRDS Media Solutions

SRDS Media Solutions (see link below) - This database has information on magazines and newspapers in different countries, and is a source for adversting rates in those countries (for another source for these rates, see the "Market and Mediafact Books" tab above).


1) Go to the link above, then click on Magazines at the top/left section of the page.  Then scroll down to, and cilick on, Consumer Worldwide.

2) On the following page, go to Step 1: Select Search Type, then pick Search by Geography, and finally click on the Search button.

3) Then go to Step 2: Select Country/Geographic Region, select the country you want, and click on the SEARCH button.

4) You'll see the various magazines/publications for your country in the column on the left-hand side of the page. Find a major consumer magazine or newspaper for your country.  Note the costs of a 1-page ad in that magazine and who is the readership

For Currency Exchange Rates see: