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Marketing 4200 : International Marketing: Assignment

Course guide for MKTG 4200 (University of Colorado Denver).


Information that you may need for your reports and your library assignment (see the bottom of this page for that assignment)

1) Use to find a recent Country Commercial Guide (CCG) for your country (see also the Country Commercial Guides Tab above, and below.  Notice also that there is a great deal of additional information (especially Distribution) in this database that will be useful to you. The market research reports can also be extremely useful.

2) Use the CIA World Factbook (see below) to find a section on your country.  

3) Use the Passport database (see the Passport Tab above or the Passport link below) for two types of info.

      A) Find out how many people in your country that are the specific ages for your target market.  

      B) Find a Passport consumer lifestyle report/article for your country. 

3) SRDS Media Guide:  "Consumer Magazines Worldwide" in this databases has information of magazines and newspapers in different countries.  Find your country and find a major consumer magazine or newspaper from the country.
Go to SRDS database.  In the upper left-hand corner of the landing page, click on "Magazines" -  then click on "Consumer: Worldwide" (under "International Media").  Go to Step 1 and click on "Search by Geography". Click Search.  Go to Step 2 and click on "Select Country/Geographic Region", select your country, then click on Search.  Magazines titles should appear on the left hand side - click on the title to see the rate card.

See the Advertising Rates Tab above for more information.

4) Market and Mediafact Books - Contact your instructor for more information!